September 14, 2020
Brown Bag Lunch at Noon – Heritage Village

Share an Antique Program.  (bring one from your own collection to share)

Pledge of Allegiance
Club Collect

Minutes: June 15, 2020
Introduction of guests:
Treasurer’s Report: Joann Leal

Standing Committee Reports:

Ambassador: Ann Fouty
Electronic Communications: Angie Morthland
Membership: Jane Spayde
Philanthropic: Kathy Scoon
Programs: Cathy Paquet (Oct)
Properties Indoors: MaryAnn Moore & Ann Fouty (Refrigerator)
Properties Outdoors: MaryAnn Moore (Furnace) & Cathy Paquet
Sunshine: Mary Madigan
Ways & Means: Linda Gwilt & Ann Fouty

Any other committee reports:
Unfinised Business:
a.  Blood Drive:  September 15, 2020, noon to 5 PM 
b.  Plaque on file cabinet: Ann Fouty
New Business:
Membership meetings Oct/Nov/Dec
Nominating Committee:  Need 3 volunteers to present slate of officers at the Nov meeting
Announcements: Next Board Meeting – September 21, 2020
                             Next Membership Meeting – October 5, 2020

Program: Share an antique and its history.

​​​Agendas for Board/Committee Meetings

Agendas for Board Meetings will be emailed to

Officers and Chairwomen

Agenda for Membership Meetings are emailed to the


Agendas are updated on the Friday

before the next scheduled meeting.

Next meeting for the Membership

-----------------General Agenda------------------

1. Minutes

2. Bills

3. Treasurer's Report

4. Business Communications

5. Committee Reports

6. Unfinished Business

7. New Business

8. Adjournment