Our next blood drive is September 15, 2020, starting at noon at St Anthony's community hall.  We almost ran out of cookies for the June drive because the turn-out was so great.  I will bring 3 dozen and if two other people could do the same that would be great.  Please call or email me if you are able to donate cookies.  They will have to be packaged separately. Type your paragraph here.


The MWC met last week and voted unanimously to hold our September 14th meeting at Heritage Village in the pavilion.   The format was changed to a 'bring your own lunch' instead of potluck.  The program will be 'bring an antique and share the history'.  Also Cathy will be presenting a craft project idea for the October meeting.  The club will provide bottled water.  Meeting time is noon with lunch first, business meeting and then program.  You did a good job with the sunshine at our June meeting in the pavilion, but this time if you could arrange for a little less wind, that would be great.